The training centre of Lisbon began its training activity in November, 1986.


Since it is located in the centre of the geographical area with the highest density of enterprises and industries of the country, its sphere of action is quite wide serving the enterprises and population of Great Lisbon (Grande Lisboa). It also answers all the requirements of the enterprises from the region called Vale do Tejo down to the Algarve.


This training centre emphasises technical and organisational support in natural accordance with the specificities and interests of the enterprises.

Location Map of Lisboa Training Centre
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Training Centre of Lisboa - Poço do Bispo

Rua dos Amigos de Lisboa, S/N.º
1950-307 LISBOA
Telefone: 21 861 01 51  .  Fax: 21 868 64 98


Training Centre of Lisboa - Pólo Tecnológico

Rua Cesina Adães Bermudes, N.º 1
1600-604 LISBOA
Telefone: 21 715 08 90 / 21 715 28 38  .  Fax: 21 010 11 18

Contact: Alexandra Pousada