CENFIM´s training centre of Marinha Grande was implemented in November, 1985, in the facilities of the Sport Operário Marinhense, but it was moved into its current facilities in 1989.


The training centre of Marinha Grande was the first to begin its activity with the aim of supporting and answering the constant and growing vocational training needs within the metal industry in the region, which is represented by nearly 450 enterprises, most of  which devoted to injections moulds for plastic materials.


Today, the Portuguese manufacturers of moulds are among the main forefront enterprises in terms of CAD/CAE/CAM systems and other computer technologies used to design and manufacture moulds.


Currently, the influence region of this centre is one of the most competitive regions in Portugal. Its technological development is based on proper production planning and quality control, constant modernisation of equipments and vocational training.


The training centre unfolds its activity in Marinha Grande, Leiria, Alcobaça, Batalha, Nazaré, Ourém, Pombal and Porto de Mós.

Location Map of Marinha Grande Training Centre
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Training Centre of Marinha Grande

Rua Eng.º André Navarro, 27
Telefone: 24 457 58 50  .  Fax: 24 457 58 59


Contact: Carlos Silva