The training centre of Porto began its activity in March, 1986, and was created with the aim of answering the vocational training needs of enterprises, specially within the scope of metallurgy, metallomechanics and electromechanics.


It was set up in Areosa, but in September, 1988, it moved into the old facilities of IEFP´s Ramalde Centre.


This training centre has been developing its activity mainly within the following areas: Metallurgy, Metallomechanics, Electromechanics and Energy.


It has recently extended its sphere of action to the fields of the renewable energies and the emission and renewal of licences for gas technicians, gas systems fitters, copper and polyethylene welders and gas equipment mechanics.


CENFIM´s training centre of Great Porto (Grande Porto) concentrates its activity mainly on developing training within the scope of continuing vocational training (Mechatronics, Design of Mechanical Structures and Energetic Systems) and initial vocational training, specially the apprenticeship system.

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Training Centre of Porto

Rua Conde da Covilhã, N.º 1400  .  4100-187 PORTO
Apartado 8007  .  4109-601 PORTO
Telefone: 22 610 96 37  .  22 617 29 55  .  Fax: 22 618 95 77

Contact: Susana Graça Moura