CENFIM - Training Centre for Metallurgical Industry and Electromechanics, has based its action by promoting vocational training within the sector to which it belongs, to the effect by acting very directly with the business community, as well as with the Youth and Adult , aiming at the improvement of the qualification levels of those already in the industry or who is preparing to join him, to the effect reinforcing conditions of competitiveness and employability, which will secure reflexes in the overall development of the country's economy.


The action of CENFIM in Sines, together with the Sector Associations, relates to a process of decentralization and regional intervention in areas of heavy deployment of Metallurgical Industry, Electromechanical and metal-mechanic in order to support the needs of local industries, using the qualification human resources available there.


In this context, taking into account the emerging development in the region encompassing the Counties including Sines, Santiago de Setúbal, Beja, and Sines Alcacer do Sal, the real needs which emerge from companies located there, particularly with regard to skills development was understood as a strategic option for the Administration CENFIM, the opening of a new Pole Training, which will start to materialize in December 2008.


The new Core CENFIM in SINES, located in Light Industrial Zone No. 2 is in full swing. The respective area workshop is housed in temporary premises provided by the Municipality of Sines, and the remaining infrastructure is installed in the modern building Sines Tecnopólo. The installation procedure is the result of a series of efforts that highlight the unavoidable intervention of the Presidency of the City Council, represented by its President, support services, as well as by the direction Sines Tecnopólo without the action of which would be impossible put into full operation the machine's training CENFIM in such a short space of time, responding to the training needs expressed by companies.


Currently the areas of training intervention are those that correspond to the major needs identified, welding and metal constructions, especially tubular structures, it is expected in the short-term development of the scope of intervention in other technical areas such as computer aided design, construction mechanical technologies (conventional) or even in the field of industrial maintenance.

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Training Centre of Sines

Zona Industrial Ligeira, N.º 2 - Lote 122 A
7520-309 SINES
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Contact: José Frias Gomes