The training centre of Trofa began its activity in May, 1988, and has directed its activity at companies of diversified nature located to the North of Portugual and the area called Vale do Ave.


Enterprises of the matallurgic and metallomechanic sector in Trofa have followed the technological development and consequently requested vocational training as a strategic factor towards competitiveness and diversification.


This training centre has been operating in accordance with the real vocational training needs of the enterprises connected with different industries such as the manufacturing of cutting tools out of wood and metal, machines and equipment, stamps and cutters,  plastic injection moulds and others.


Within its specific scope of activities, this training centre has been encouraging industrial enterprises in the region to invest in innovation, development and quality, in such a way that an ongoing updating is guaranteed. In fact, the results are at sight, specially in terms of competitiveness and productivity enhancements.

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Training Centre of Trofa

Rua João Paulo II, N.º 146  .  4785-141 TROFA
Telefone: 25 240 05 30  .  Fax: 25 240 05 39

Contact: António Luís