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Zona Industrial da Prageira - Edifício Forpescas
2520-621 PENICHE

Tel.:+351 26 278 48 47


Como chegar

A Formar e a Inovar em Peniche Training Centre

Since 1988, when it was created, CENFIM's Peniche Centre has been installed in Prageira's industrial zone, in one of the wings of the FOR-MAR ??Building, the owner of which is the Institute of Employment and Vocational Training (IEFP).


CENFIM decided to set up a Centre in Peniche to respond to the need for skilled workers by construction, maintenance and ship repair companies, canning industry and other companies in the fishing industry, the main economic activity of the city of Peniche at the time, in prosperity.


Over the years, the fishing boat fleet has been gradually reduced and replaced by more modernized, technologically advanced and more effective catching fish, which have contributed to the reduction in the number of fishermen in their crew.


The lower preponderance of fishing in the local economy  has been offset,  by the development of other areas, and currently the main business activities are, shipbuilding and maintenance, fish processing (freezing, canning, pre-cooking), plastics processing (EPS and EPP), hospitality, recreational nautical activities (especially those related to surfing), equipment installation and maintenance services, and the agro-food industry (which is more prevalent in the rural parishes of Peniche municipality).


Accompanying the diversification of the areas of activity of the companies, the Peniche Centre has been adapting and modernizing and is today able to provide training in the following areas: 

  • Civil locksmithing;
  • Mechanical locksmithing;
  • Electricity and electronics;
  • Industrial automation;
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning;
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD).


The CENFIM Centre of Peniche, favoring a close relationship with the companies and the local communities, promotes qualifying vocational training for young and adults with double certification (school and vocational),  continuous training and training tailored to the specific needs of the companies, working in the municipalities of Peniche, Bombarral and Lourinhã (the last two sharing with the Caldas da Rainha and Torres Vedras Centres).


View the organization chart of the Peniche training center: here