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A Formar e a Inovar em Santarém Training Centre

Developing its Training activity since June 1987, with high visibility both in the number of Training Actions that it conducts in its Facilities, and in the number of Training Actions made in the companies themselves. In this way, CENFIM offers a wide range of offerings to Companies and the general population of Learning Training Systems, Initial Qualification, Adult Education and Training, Improvement, Updating and Recycling of all constructive and necessary for an ever-increasing response. Demanding in terms of both the Qualification of Technical Resources of Companies and the level of Academic Qualification of Human Resources of Organizations in general. CENFIM's Santarém Centrde is today headquartered in the city's Industrial Zone.


Perfectly aware, that only with the help of efficient and effective vocational training can we have companies that are competitive and prepared for the challenges of the market, it became imperative to set up a centre that would cover companies in the sector, namely those of consumer goods. equipment, electromechanical maintenance and related areas, in sectors such as the Primary, Agro-Food and the tertiary sector that are active in the Abrantes, Alcanena, Almeirim, Alpiarça, Benavente, Cartaxo, Constância, Coruche, Entroncamento, Golegã municipalities. , Mação, Ourém, Rio Maior, Salvaterra de Magos, Tomar, Torres Novas and Vila Nova da Barquinha are areas of influence and work of this CENFIM Organizational Unit.


Areas of formative intervention include Metallic Constructions, Welding, Mechanical Constructions (conventional technologies), Computer Aided Design (CAD), Industrial Maintenance, Electricity, Industrial Automation, maintenance organization and planning, or even formative interventions in the fields. Behavioral factors associated with the development of the training process.


Organic Unit 0f Santarém is an ATB - Authorized Training Body of the EWF / IIW - European Welding Federation / International Welding Institute. Here we have developed a training methodology tailored to the requirements and requirements of the EWF / IIW certification process, which can be extended to trainers who, in order to ensure highly qualified intervention, have attended specialist-level training courses and passed demanding assessment processes. The implementation of the international qualification of welders gives their trainees access to harmonized qualifications at European and international level, recognized by the guarantee of technical quality that the system promotes in terms of skills, which not only enhances access to the labor market; and, above all, a competitive advantage in the employability of these professionals. This certification also represents a benefit for companies, as it is a mandatory requirement for the application of projects of works of metallurgical constructions.


CENFIM certainly plays a major role in preparing current and future Metalworking Professionals and Electromechanical in this Region, we count on the support of all - Businessmen and their Employees, Municipalities, Employment Centres, Schools, Representative Associations of the Region, Trainees and Trainers and Employees of CENFIM.


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