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Tâmega Park - Edifício Mercúrio, Fracção AB
Agração-Telões . 4600-758 Telões AMT

Tel.:+351 25 543 12 92


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A Formar e a Inovar em Amarante Training Centre

The importance of Electromechanical and Metallurgical Sector in the economic development of the Region / NUT between Douro and Támega with centrality in Amarante, involves large number of companies, where about 2,000 people work, producing among others the following products:


Equipment and structures related to quarries and sand extraction, construction of metal buildings, rails protecting roads, metalwork iron, aluminum and PVC, cast iron castings, aluminum fittings, netting and metal chains, metal furniture, tools forged molds for footwear etc.


CENFIM in Amarante began operations on December 15, 2008, to respond to companies in the promotion and uptake of technical and technological innovations, to streamline their production processes and investing in technical and professional qualification of its human resources, the via the Training / Qualification.


We know, we the importance of stimulating innovation and sustainable development, ensuring Vocational Training - Youth and Adults to allow adaptation to industrial changes and innovations in the field of employment and economic activity in general, starting with the most significant in the region.


CENFIM will, of course, a key role in the preparation of current and future professionals and Metallurgical Sector electromechanical this region, for that we have the support of everyone - businessmen and their employees, municipalities, Job Centres, Schools, Associations representing Region, Trainees and Trainers and Employees CENFIM.


The future thanks to Those who have the responsibility to make the right Decisions and in due time we start by by Business, Public and Private Institutions as well as all the Vital Forces in the Region.


View the organization chart of the Amarante training center: here